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Aviation International Recycling S.L. (AIR)

Aviation International Recycling SL (AIR) is a company majority owned by ILSSA, whose main activity is dismantling and recycling of aircrafts. AIR personnel have more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of the aviation industry. In July 2015 AIR successfully recycled it´s first two ex-Iberia A320 aircraft in Madrid.

In september 2015, AIR was accredited by AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association), which is considered to be the leading international association representing the aircraft recycling industry. AIR has been accredited for both Dismantling and Recycling. AIR continues its business development plan and will add additional services and facilities to further support the aviation industry.

Projects Completed

07/2015: Recycling of two A320 at La Muñoza, Madrid. 08/2016-03/2017: Dismantling and recycling of six A320 at La Muñoza, Madrid.
06/2017-02/2018: Dismantling and recycling of five A300 at Aeropuerto de Manises, Valencia.
06/2018: Dismantling and recycling of three A340-300 at La Muñoza, Madrid.
06/2018: Dismantling and recycling of two A340-300 at Castellon Airport.

Location and Contact

Ctra. de Castellón, 58, km. 2,8
      50013 Zaragoza (España)
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