Cortes y aplanaciones, S.A.

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Cortes y aplanaciones, S.A. (CORTASA)

The company was founded in 1983 as a warehouse and a steel coil cutting facility. In 1991 and thanks to its experience and the processing volume reached, the company builds a new facility located in “El Pradillo” industrial estate, in Pedrola, Zaragoza. It will implement a just-in-time warehousing environment to supply steel coils to General Motors. At the present time it has a storage capacity of 40.000 tm and supplies the material in three work shifts on demand by EDI.

CORTASA has its own rail halt with capacity for 14 wagons.

Location and Contact

Pol. Ind. Pradillo - C/ Pirineos 1A
      50690 Pedrola (Zaragoza)
Phone: +34 976 61 14 14
Fax : +34 976 61 13 59
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